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Iti doresti sa citesti cartea Who Rules the World? scrisa de Noam Chomsky si publicata de Hamish Hamilton? Nimic mai simplu, o poti citi in format PDF sau in format fizic apasand butonul de mai jos. Ultimul pret pe care l-a avut aceasta carte a fost 31.99 lei, dar pentru a afla pretul actual iti recomandam sa il verifici aici! Pe langa formatul PDF, formatul ePub sau Mobi a inceput sa fie din ce in ce mai folosit in special pentru cartile care sunt citite de pe tableta, mobil sau ereader.

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Editura: Hamish Hamilton

Pret: 31.99 lei

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Descriere completa: Now with an incisive new afterword on President Donald Trump, this is an essential account of geopolitics right now, from one of our greatest living intellectuals Noam Chomsky: philosopher, political writer, fearless activist. No one has done more to question the hidden actors who govern our lives, calling the powers that be to account. Here he presents Who Rules the World?, his definitive account of those powers, how they work, and why we should be questioning them. From the dark history of the US and Cuba to China’s global rise, from torture memos to sanctions on Iran, this book investigates the defining issues of our times and exposes the hypocrisy at the heart of America’s policies and actions. The world’s political and financial elite are now operating almost totally unconstrained by the so-called democratic structure. With climate change and nuclear proliferation threatening our very survival, dissenting voices have never been more necessary. Fiercely outspoken and rigorously argued, Who Rules the World? is an indispensable guide to how things really are…