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Iti doresti sa citesti cartea Lovecraft Short Stories publicata de Flame Tree? Nimic mai simplu, o poti citi in format PDF sau in format fizic apasand butonul de mai jos. Ultimul pret pe care l-a avut aceasta carte a fost 115 lei, dar pentru a afla pretul actual iti recomandam sa il verifici aici! Pe langa formatul PDF, formatul ePub sau Mobi a inceput sa fie din ce in ce mai folosit in special pentru cartile care sunt citite de pe tableta, mobil sau ereader.

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Editura: Flame Tree

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Descriere completa: H. P. Lovecraft was the inventor of cosmic horror, of weird fiction and the Cthulhu mythology. His stories, incubated by a lonely and febrile childhood, found purchase in the fertile earth of pulp fiction where he inspired many other writers, from Robert E. Howard, to Robert Bloch and Clark Ashton Smith, many of whom also collaborated on the several short stories, some of which are also included here, in this special deluxe edition. This title, alongside H. G. Wells Short Stories, is a companion volume to our hugely successful Gothic Fantasy series of classic and modern writers….