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Editura: Chartwell Books

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Descriere completa: Part of the Weapons of War series, this book features more than 150 color and black & white illustrations and photographs as well as detailed specifications of submarines built between 1776 and 1940. Submarines 1776-1940 brings together the most important submarines up until World War II in a single, handy volume arranged in alphabetical order. The book includes some of the classics, such as US Civil War submarines like the Intelligent Whale, World War I U-boats, and the new wave of pre-World War II submarines, such as Nautilus and Swordfish. Features 150 entries of the most important weapons of the era Every weapon is illustrated with an accurate color artwork Each entry includes a specifications table with essential information such as armament, weight, speed, and range Concise text provides a summary of the design, development, service history, and performance of each weapon…