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Iti doresti sa citesti cartea Stickertopia the Flower Garden publicata de Octopus Publishing Group? Nimic mai simplu, o poti citi in format PDF sau in format fizic apasand butonul de mai jos. Ultimul pret pe care l-a avut aceasta carte a fost 40.99 lei, dar pentru a afla pretul actual iti recomandam sa il verifici aici! Pe langa formatul PDF, formatul ePub sau Mobi a inceput sa fie din ce in ce mai folosit in special pentru cartile care sunt citite de pe tableta, mobil sau ereader.

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Editura: Octopus Publishing Group

Pret Vechi: 65 lei

Pret Nou: 40.99 lei

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Descriere completa: Find yourself in a world of beautiful blossoms and vibrant, peaceful gardens teeming with natural beauty. Stickertopia The Flower Garden is an interactive sticker book that combines gorgeous backgrounds with jewel-like stickers of botanical flowers, leaves and petals that you can use to create your own worlds of wonder, one tiny detail at a time. The artworks in this book are based on the most beautiful gardens of the world – from the Saihoji temple garden in Japan to the Versailles Garden in France, the Desert Botanical Gardens in Arizona to Kew Gardens in London. Also included are gardens captured by the world’s greatest artists, such as Monet’s garden at Giverny. Stickertopia The Flower Garden is perfect for anyone who aspires to take their artworks to a new level of exquisite detail….