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Iti doresti sa citesti cartea Trees publicata de Dorling Kindersley Ltd? Nimic mai simplu, o poti citi in format PDF sau in format fizic apasand butonul de mai jos. Ultimul pret pe care l-a avut aceasta carte a fost 28.99 lei, dar pentru a afla pretul actual iti recomandam sa il verifici aici! Pe langa formatul PDF, formatul ePub sau Mobi a inceput sa fie din ce in ce mai folosit in special pentru cartile care sunt citite de pe tableta, mobil sau ereader.

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Editura: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Pret Vechi: 56 lei

Pret Nou: 28.99 lei

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Descriere completa: Discover over 300 varieties of tree found in Britain and Europe with this new edition, in association with the RSPBFrom a Black Locust to a Downy Oak, discover over 300 varieties of tree, arranged by family and genu, with this pocket-sized guide. In-situ photographs and no nonsense notes covering anatomy and classification will help you identify them in the field quickly and accurately. Maps show you what trees to find where so you can plan your spotting and make the most of your surroundings, whether you are on a holiday browse or serious quest. An ideal guide for all the family….